Throbbing Manor: Master Suite (during, with some furniture)

Master suite with some of the bedroom furniture.

Inspired my by fabulous friend Carrie Anne, I took the que from her when we started shopping for furniture to start looking at thrift/antique stores for pieces. We found a lot of really great pieces at amazing deals and now most of the pieces in our home have a story that goes beyond being mass produced. It gives them character and I love that.
Unintentionally we set out to do the master suite in mid-century modern, which started when I found the period credenza at lamb, who were selling off interior pieces of their store due to an upcoming remodel. The color of the credenza, which is now a dresser/tv stand, matched the family of colors on our sheets. The bed is a king platform bed, in slate, that we got from Overstock and we assembled ourselves. I also found an antique mid-century modern period dresser with the same lines/design at BlueDoor in “harvest apple gold”, also known as THE GREEN of the ’70s. Turns out they were discounting the dresser and coupled with a modest fee to repaint it in a color of our choosing, the final price is essentially the original retail price of the dresser.1
Platform bed from Overstock.

1. Yes, I’m aware I sound like a douche bag but what we paid for both dressers, including the repainting of one and delivery of both is significantly cheaper then buying one dresser even discounted from a mass produced furniture place. So while I may be or sound like a douche bag, I’m a douche bag whose saving benjamins.