Unfucking Throbbing Manor

Recently, I saw a bit of Tumblr posts on Twitter scroll on by from Cat Valente, which the titles lead me curious and curiouser down the dark rabbit hole that is Tumblr. I was fine with this since the occasional tapping of the Tumblr vein never really hurt anyone and Cat’s posts all pointed to the nirvana – a blog called Unfuck Your Habitat.
After perusing the site for a bit, it took me a minute to figure out that Unfuck Your Habitat builds/uses the same methods as The Fly Lady, only in a more OMGBBQ and animated gifs heavy way, with a teensy dose of profanity. Which if I’m honest amongst my close friends here on the intarwebs, I’m moar likely to use something where “fuck” is sprinkled liberally about and the cherry on top are vaguely obnoxious animated gifs say over a site that seems to be geared towards, well, women I’d like to strangle on a daily basis.
The premise is simple: You find something you want to unfuck and you unfuck it. It can be as small as simply taking the steps to making your bed everyday and laying out that day’s clothes the night before or even just unfucking an area that is always in a cluster and working on keeping that unfucked on a more regular basis. In an related but not kind of way, I’ve been working on unfucking my emotional/creative life for the last month by meditating every morning for five minutes and then writing for 7 minutes before I begin my day. And by “begin my day,” I mean pour coffee down my throat in order to become human.

There has been times when I’ve read Cat’s blog and found her doing/thinking something similar in the vein of something I’m doing/thinking at the exact same time without us talking to the other about our doing/thinking, so it’s always a bit startling to see someone’s life parallel in some ways to one’s own during the same period. But there you go.
I started thinking that since I was already working on some unfucking of my own, I thought about some unfucking I’d like to do and came up a list of things I have been or would like to start working on. Thanks to Cat and Unfuck Your Habitat, I am posting this on the intarwebs to make myself accountable. Or something.

  • Meditate five minutes a day, erry day! I started and bargained with myself that I only needed to do it for days I head off to work (M-F) but I really need to do it erry day, erry week!
  • Stop drinking soda and coffee – completely It’s surprising that TheHusband and I eat a mostly unprocessed life but I cannot quit the soda OR coffee. It also does not help that there are vending machines right outside the library’s main doors and we have a culinary program on campus! While I would not mind grabbing coffee from local roasters around town (since GRap apparently now has a coffee culture), but I should really lay off of it at home and at work. I’ll be working on the soda addiction first and have ordered an electric kettle to keep in my office for teas. The coffee one will be – difficult.
  • Write 7 minutes a day I started out with five minutes to match the mediation, but needed “more” and 10 seemed too long for me in the morning while the 7 seemed just right. I’ve tried to pick this up in the afternoon/early evening when I’ve come home from work but the writing I do in the morning is different then what I do at night – and i need to keep them separate.
  • Do the work prep the night beforeIncluding but not limited to:
    • Make coffee/tea and turn on auto-drip
    • Make breakfast AND lunch and pack it for the next day
    • Lay clothes out for the next day
    • Gather ALL THE THINGS for next day and have them in one location

    I have to be to work at 08:30 AM and I live 1.2 miles away. Leaving at 08:20 AM will put me at my office chair at 08:31 AM, with computer turned on and ready to go. What typically happens is that I set the alarm for 615, smack it for over an hour. Wake up and convince myself that I can meditate, write, and pack foods for the day by 07:30. I end up dicking around on the intarwebs until 8 AM and THEN get into the shower, with typically getting into work at 8:45 AM. This is kind of ridiculous behavior sine when I get to work I’m then ALL FULL OF ANGSTY from being late, so I need to squash this somehow before I tighten up them panties even more.

  • Unfuck my digital life, part 1 I’ve been doing this slowly for the last year or so and the process is that I’m checking up on sites I used to use or saved my name space on and just deleting my accounts, dumping blogs I do not read, dumping data from sites I do not use anymore.
  • Unfuck my creative writing The unfucking of my 7 minute writing in the morning has been great for other types of writing, now to consolidate it
  • Unfuck blog like woah Yes, that.  I recently discovered that self-hosted WordPress blogs (which I’ve been using for eons) have loads of formatting types built into WP that are only available if the THEME makes it so. Who knew? In addition to standard, I’ve unlocked aside, gallery, and image.  There is ALSO link, status, quote, video, and chat available which gives WP so much more functionality then I even knew about (much like if Twitter and Tumblr were up in this bish, impregnating it).
  • Unfuck my digital life, part 2 Part 1 is about online while part 2 is about my digital files locally hosted. We’re redoing our home network and I’m upgrading a few of my machines and I just need to clean out all the ephemera and figure out what’s what. Do I need website details from 1998? Probably not.
  • Unfuck my allergies While another post in the making on this very topic, my allergist suggested that I do heaps of things from changing bedsheets every week, to taking daily Claritan, to vacuuming our dustbunnies (Good bye Ralph, Nora, and Fred!) on a weekly basis. Um. Well. Yes, this is why it needs to be unfucked.
  • Unfuck our diet – Hulk edition I eat 5 cups of fruit a day, about the same in veg, no processed sugars, white flours, little meat or seafood, absolutely no dairy, and I’m still a fat ass. What up!

As I started writing these down, more unfucks kept fighting to come to the surface. Our garden? One giant fuck that desperately needs to be unfucked like woah, but it is currently covered under snow. So that gets saved for another time. The improved formatting availability of WordPress means I can do on the fly updates without having to worry about mucking around with full grown posts and such.
Onwards and upwards, my little unfuck soliders!

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