Wednesday the Pug Watches Over All

Wednesday contemplating life, liberty and the pursuit of bacon.

For most of her life, Wednesday has suffered from chronic ear infections – mostly stemming from her allergies to weeds, pollans, and grasses. It is this, we think, that is the cause for her starting to go deaf. A condition that has gotten progressively worse in the last few years and more prevalent now that we live in a much larger house and TheHusband and I are now much more easily scattered in other locations, where we call for her much more than we used to.
Since we moved to Throbbing Manor, even with her allergies, she’s gotten more accustomed to going outside when we’re outside. Which makes sense as heaven knows no fury when our co-dependent dog is not with her humans. The great outdoors is something that was completely foreign to her for years since she’s been an indoor dog for most of her life.
She’s gotten a bit bolder, a bit more adventurous in exploring her domain when we’re out in the gardens but the downside is that she cannot hear when we yell her name to warn her from the exploring. Tonight was no exception as I was out in the backyard taking pictures when I saw that she had followed me out, when I saw out of the corner of my eye that she had followed me outside and was looking for me. Since I was not in her direct line of sight, and hidden by some trees, I caught up with her waddling down the driveway and stood in front of her to have her follow me back to the backyard, which she immediately did. For the better part of an hour, she hung out on the pathways and the garage while I worked.