What’s in my bag: The Packing List

Dear Internet,
I recently came across an article of a list of what one woman carries in her purse. Since we know I have a lovely fascination with packing lists, I thought it was a good idea to see what’s in my bag.
image of my purse or bag
After looking for loads of months/years for the perfect messenger bag/purse, I think I may have stumbled across the perfect one. It’s small enough for me to use as a purse but big enough for me to carry my life. It’s got a front pocket as well as several inside pockets. It’s sturdy canvas so with my klutzy ass and spill something on it. The color is pretty neutral and it’s unobtrusive. (Yes, I know, I dress like a walking roll of Lifesavers but I like my bags to be more neutral.) Now the only problem with this bag is that the strap is too short as I need 52-54″ strap, this one is 48″ or so.
TheExHusband convinced me to try this bag out for awhile because he was sick of me buying items and sending them back. I know the feeling.
stuff in my bag
The stuff:

  • Zelda bag, which carries drugs (legal kind), lipsticks/make-up, tampons, and basically all lady needs
  • Two packs of gum. One from MINI, one I bought because I forgot about the one from MINI
  • Sunglasses in Union Jack case
  • Flowery case to hold my checkbooks and other flat/papery things so they don’t get smushed
  • 2 containers of Tic Tacs
  • Sparkly black wallet
  • Small skull notebook
  • Bottle of Ibuprofen
  • Moleskine and pen bandolier
  • Plastic bag to hold my glasses (need to get a new case for them)
  • Another pair of sunglasses (this pair lives in my car, but I tend to forget to put them away, leaving them in my purse)
  • Granola bar
  • Epi pen
  • Nail file
  • Pear shaped change purse
  • Car keys
  • Pen to leave in my car
  • Union jack folded shopping bag (not seen)

Could I get rid of some of my shit? Sure. I’ve even carried a much smaller bag but I always find that I’m missing something, so back to the big bags I go!
I’m opening up comments to see what others carry in their bags, so comment away!
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One thought on “What’s in my bag: The Packing List”

  1. You’re so maximalist, Lisa! That’s a lot of stuff.
    Assuming I have the regular keys/wallet/phone combo somewhere on my person, my bag will contain:
    One or two notebooks (no bigger than A4),
    Two pencils (one 0.5 propellent and a high-quality lead pencil),
    A long-point sharpener for the pencil
    One fountain pen with waterproof ink,
    A brush pen (a type of water-filled pen with a nylon bristled brush),
    A watercolour kit (small)
    A copy of the LRB (useful for both sitting on and reading in times of boredom).
    I can’t figure of anything else I carry on a regular basis. I have, in the past, carried loads of stuff around with me, but over time I have gone down to just these objects. I get a bit worried by the sort of EDC-geek that says that they have to carry a knife around with them at all times; for one thing, that’s illegal here on knifecrime island, and secondly it’s a bit of a masculine identity crutch. However, my pencils are horrifically sharp, so I am safe in the event of a vampire attack.

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