a self-portal

betcha always wanted to know how i got so many goddamn domain names
well, regardless if you do or don’t, heh, here it is anyways. it is currently sitting at www.simunye.com/readme.html, so you can go to www.simunye.com to view all my crap 😉
what the hell is a “self portal”?
i asked myself that several times when i came up with the idea, but it basically boils down to this:
in 1996 i registered my first domain, simunye.com (which you are looking at now). initially, it was just your usual catchall personal homepage bullshit with my writings, bs, pictures and what not. starting in late 1997, i registered simunye.org and had decided to start doing “consulting work” and make .com the ” business” page and .org the journal. later, .com just became a referrer for the .org and the .org became the lisa chronicles.
the lisa chronicles was the start of an almost daily journal that was included previous ‘zine work i had one as well as updates that i was doing more frequently (about 3x a week). In 1998 i had registered bitchasshoe.org as a joke and trippingonstars.org as a personal narrative on daily fragments. this brought my stable of domains up to four.
in 1999, when Paul and i had moved in together, that required a new domain: geek-haus.org which then lead to novageeks.org being registered for our friends locally. soon i became tired of being associated with the word simunye (zulu/xosha for “we are one”) and registered rabey.net as the new home for the journal.
and lastly, in early 2000, i registered verbosity.org as a new ‘zine i was going to be working on with several people (it, obviously, never got off the ground).
In late 2000, I decided that I had have enough of rabey.net, and registered both modgirl.org and modgirl.net. That is now the new home for the online journal. However, to keep things flowing, rabey.net does now point to modgirl.net/org so that anyone can access any three of those domains and get the same page.
then Paul had to get in the act and register supercilious.org for his own personal use.
my friend Sam and i came up with an idea and i went and registered annoyingthings.org.
this brings the grand total to twelve domains.
i then started wanting to do a genealogy site on my surname ” rabey”, and since rabey.net/org/com were taken, i will be registering rabey-online.net/com/org within a few weeks, bringing the grand total up to fifteen domains.
with that being said, i started the portal page to help those interested in me to navigate around and keep track of everything in one place.
here is the list of domains and what they do:
annoyingthings.org: things that annoy us
modgirl.net/org: online journal
supercilious.org: Paul’s website
novageeks.org: where the novageeks hang out
geek-haus.org: Paul and Lisa’s life uncensored
simunye.org/.com: self-portals
rabey-online.org/net/com: genealogy about the surname ” rabey”
rabey.net: points to modgirl.net
bitchasshoe.org: points to modgirl.net
verbosity.org: points to modgirl.net
trippingonstars.org: points to modgirl.net
the following categories are how the self portal is divided:
on-line opinions – where i sprout my mouth off publicly
on-line journals – projects in the journal genre
round robin – domains that point to modgirl.net
misc. – stuff that is unique
mailing lists – mailing lists i run
local – things that will be localized on the simunye.com network
wish lists – buy me stuff!