reality bites

does anyone remember the movie reality bites? see i remember when it was first released, and my friend sherry and i had declared this anthem that this movie was about us — it was us. i was a mix of vickie miner and lani pierce while sherry was more of a lani pierce but with blonde hair, more trendy and more into doing for herself than lani was.
but it was never about who we personified, it was always the attitude.
Paul and i went to a party last night, which was okay, but realized with our lifestyles that we really don’t fit in with the group we had gone to see. it was supposed to be to meet people and branch your networking activities, but we both sat on the couch nursing beers feeling out of the scene. it was depressing to realize how many of the people knew each other going back to high school and college and had the same common interests and could relate to each other on my different levels — while as Paul and i sat there like lumps on the log. we left hurriedly to catch “The Mummy Returns” but even seeing imhotep and brendan fraser didn’t get my blood boiling — which it should have.
the problem with the world today, or i should say one of the problems with the world today is that the generation I’m in (which IS generation x, thank you. not this pre-teen bullshit) is now the Internet generation (or generation d as freaking wcom calls it) and now we are all broke and poor and have no business acumen.
I’m struggling sometimes to find that place back when i had something to say — not just i saying something but that energy and that ranting of the time when we were young. but i no longer belive that being young was the cause of our angst or our vitality – it was just this whole new different world that was waiting for us when we left college and went out to the workforce.
and you’re right, who am i kidding that no one has ever felt or done this way before — because with each passing generation there is a new thinker, a new doer a new someone who has discovered or done something that will be rediscovered once more.