i finally found a good reason why i haven’t written!
12.28.99: video driver corrupts and my computer barely dies. takes nearly a week to find a working 98 cd-rom in which i can reformat and reinstall the damn os and get everything working again. thank goodness for multiple computers, not so great when one of them is a 486 laptop and a quardra 68040 computer. Needless to say, the main machine is fixed.
1.25.00: I get an email from my friend Jenni who declares “must be some damn good dick to keep you away from the puter”. all i have to say is: 🙂
1.30.00: after not receiving email as often per day as i should for about a week, i get an email (well two) from two separate people who do two separate things for me (one, bryan hosts and the other jericho does some mailing lists i ‘m on. Turns out that someone who was also hosted at dreamhost has been using their box for spamming and thusly, the ip that my domain is sitting on is being RBLd.
my friend dan has a particular entry that is fantastic. while the internet world continues to evolve from something resembling a romper room, you can be sure it’s men like him that make a girls knees go weak.
just go read the damn entry.