okay, i was just reading my friend dayan’s diary and seeing that he had updated his diary (without posting it to his LIST! *smacksmacksmack*) and his color scheme, which reminded me (as i’m amidst of doing bills and yes it’s 3am in the morning) that one of the main reason why i haven’t written is:
I’m bored with
I’ve been writing down actually stuff with what i wanted to do my entries on, and actually a lot has been going on worth mentioning and i’ve even taken my new spankin’ laptop to work so that I could write during down time (ahahah!) but the thing is that i’m bored with the way the site is looking and while initially i loved it, it’s been nearly the same now for a year (and the lisa chronicles is coming up on its 2 year anniversary in july — gasp!). i actually had redone the site about a month ago (while i was in the middle of my great depression) but hadn’t updated it because i decided it was way too complicated to do so. i actually downloaded flash4 cos i wanted something snazzy to do with my site but haven’t had the time until recently to start playing with it (not that I have created anything mind you — just that i have it).
we’ve been bursting with people at das geek-haus and it wasn’t until a few days ago that paul and i finally had time alone — and then it’s like i don’t want to write but be with him.
i’m feeling very gushy and in love at the moment, excuse me. 🙂
anyways, i wanted something that is done by web — so that i can stick this doing things manually up the ass — and the idea of doing it list only comes to mind (nothing to update and it’s all publicly archived on the mailing list site as it is), but there is also a feeling of those who don’t like mailing lists and etc.
so i’m in a bind and i haven’t decided what to do as of yet.
i don’t think we have any plans this weekend other than for paul to hack DVD for linux and me to seriously clean the house (i’m trying to figure who is blind enough to miss the toilet in the second bathroom as there is urine stains on the floor). so i’m making it a priority to do so this weekend.