i have NO idea

Danny just left and I’m left feeling — strange.
He had IM’d me a few weeks ago about bringing me a present and we finally caught up with each other today and he just left.
Conversation was stilted and polite.
He brought me a Betty Paige sticker and some Powerpuff Girl stuff. He said he had been saving it for my Christmas stash only decided to bring it over now.
My brother called when he was here and when I told him I couldn’t talk because Danny was here, my brother called me “weak” — in which case I hung up the phone.
Danny guessed correctly what I was getting done tomorrow and he might stop up at the shop.
I have no idea what this means or how I feel.
Other than I was screaming like a maniac when I was cleaning out my conch piercing and jesus christ, I’m NEVER bearing children. 🙂
I’m going to keep with the axiom that it’s always good to expand ones circles of friends.