Yet another reason why men are idiots

I really appreciate you think i’m ‘hot’ with my long hair but you have KNOWN i’ve been single for almost a year now, why do you keep going on about how we ‘should’ meet in random city for quick sex? Jesus christ.
That is in refrence to a guy I knew when I was living in DC and we both moved from the area. He’s been alluding for months about us hooking up but i never took him seriously — and why should I? Men who sit there and talk about ‘what’ they are going to do and NOT do it, turn me off. Don’t sit there and tell me how you want to see me/ call me/ etc, just fucking do it for the love of god.
IM’ing me telling me how much you want to bang me, really isn’t attractive either.
Guys, take this as a personal tip, please.
I’m more about action, not talk.