kill slit tingle’s throat

Anyone who games on gamecube and/or played Zelda:windwaker w/ the gba will know my pain. Tingle is fucking useful but geez, he sends me messages like “T-I-N-G-L-E LOVES YOU!”. It is, annoying.
I’m in a pissy mood and it’s not because of Zelda (rather, Zelda is helping me relax). First off my back hurts and I’ve been to the chiro already today and my back went crunch all the way down but he can’t see why it’s aching (especially in the middle of the spine) because he doesn’t feel anything wrong or see anything wrong with my adjustment. Monday I’m going to the massage therapist (named steve) who for 30/hr is gonna make me feel gooood. I hope.
Secondly, can I say I hate Aquinas again? OKay, I hate them again. I got my grade back from creative writing and got a B+. That doesn’t piss me off. What pisses me off is both semesters I averaged a 3.0 gpa yet my accumulative is LOWER than when I transferred in. I don’t get it. I called school, and left a very detailed vm. I’m terribly concerned because this upcoming year I have to have an accumalitive of a 3.2 to get to grad school. Hello. Stress.
Second, the insurance company. Called them today after picking up my laptop and pc to find out what to do next. Woman on the phone tells me not to fax anything in (er?) and then asks about the cost of the PC and the laptop retail (which I’ve told them many times over and over). I tell her that the pc was hand-built (which I’ve stated through this entire process) and that some pieces, like one of the cdrw’s we bought at 300 for the damn thing two years ago or more when they were super expensive. anyway, they tell me that they found a comparable machine at circuit city for 900. Eh? Apparently, my new machine is considered an ‘upgrade’ — they only do ‘comparable or like kind’ when insurance does replacement. Well, first off, they no longer make my machine anymore or the parts! So yes, it will be an upgrade. I kept telling them, look, I put this together myself, what part of that don’t you understand? As for the laptop, they need to find something ‘comparable’ to that. They said “we will only pay what we owe you”. I was like fine I’m not arguing with you, here are my receipts through my semi-working fax. Apparently they will add up everything together, deduct the 500 and cut me a check. Oh joyous day.I got frustrated because the second time I called, the woman kept insisting on various things I was never told. “Well it’s in the notes!!” “Doesn’t mean she told me.” “SHe spoke to you at 3:01pm.” “No, she did not. I was at the doctors office.” What in fucking hell is your problem!!