practical uses for a bidet

Dear Internet, TheHusband and I opted to head out to dinner when we got out of work Wednesday night (“Jesus Lisa! Why must every outing turn into a trip to Target?”). Over our plates of meat (after our trip to Target AND Staples), we ended up having a good discussion on writing. He says thisContinue reading “practical uses for a bidet”

Tattoo U

Dear Internet, Here is what I did Saturday afternoon: Originally, I had the idea of having the dragon’s mouth open up at the shoulder joint while his body intertwined around my bicep. Gareth thought that may be a waste of real estate and instead came up with my Viking dragon in a osborous style, whichContinue reading “Tattoo U”

Morris Street Project: May 21, 2011

Happy Memorial weekend, or as we American’s like to think of it: Another weekend for us to light things on fire, drink copious amounts of bad beer and strut our painfully overweight bodies in clothing three sizes too small. TheHusband and I are getting ready to head out for own hedonistic fun, but wanted toContinue reading “Morris Street Project: May 21, 2011”

Morris Street Project: May 14, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 9 Nothing earth shattering to report in the world of our gardens this week other than everything is blooming within an inch of its life after the recent rains, including all the fucking ivy and creepers that keep coming back though I seem to spend a gazillion hours pulling, chopping andContinue reading “Morris Street Project: May 14, 2011”

Morris Street Project: May 7, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 8 At first I was going to comment that I wish I had some torrid or interesting tale to tell to accompany this entry when I realised that I already forgotten about Conversations With My Mother (part i), which events occurred over the weekend. Forgotten is probably not a good word,Continue reading “Morris Street Project: May 7, 2011”

Morris Street Project: April 30, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 7 My mother-in-law and her sister came to visit us this last weekend of April to get the garden kicked into gear (because ultimately, TheHusband and I are lazy sumbitches). Of the photos I’ve been releasing onto the world of Throbbing Manor, you may have noticed we have no goddamned grassContinue reading “Morris Street Project: April 30, 2011”

Morris Street Project: April 17, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 5 Construction is still running rampant on our street, with it slated to be done with our phase by end of June and the entire neighborhood by end of October. The changes to the landscape are so minute, when comparing it to a month ago, it looks like nothing has reallyContinue reading “Morris Street Project: April 17, 2011”

Morris Street Project: April 09, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 4 The purpose of the Morris Street project was to catalog the coming of spring and if continued, the changing of the seasons. Instead it seems its going to be chronicling the construction taking place in our neighborhood. A week before these photos were taken, the neighborhood was given notice thatContinue reading “Morris Street Project: April 09, 2011”

Throbbing Manor – Gardens

TheHusband and I have been trolling Home Depot, Lowe’s and Mendard’s almost every weekend looking for garden/outdoorsy based things, impatiently waiting for the weather to break so we can start work on our yard. On one hand, we’re extremely lucky as we have no grass. No grass means no lawn mower needed! Instead, we haveContinue reading “Throbbing Manor – Gardens”

Morris Street Project: March 19, 2011

Morris Street Project, Week 1 Back in high school, I remember for a biology or some class, we had a group project where we tracked a specific area of land over the course of the semester to learn about the subtly of nature and how change slowly happens. A few years ago, armed with thatContinue reading “Morris Street Project: March 19, 2011”