shameful secrets

i have a “date” with danny tomorrow night.
It isn’t really a date. It comes down to whose house we are gonna hang out vs who has money so we’ll probably end up at my house watching movies instead of going out and eating popcorn.
No, I’m not gonna sleep with him. i promise.
boy-across-the-seas and the gf didn’t work out — shame. But then the motherfucker told me what the final xmas present he got me was! (we swapped three):
Which blew my mind, because this was the fav book of mine from childhood! Apparently has been having issues with it.
He’s invited me to, and said we could split a tent. Oh lucky me right. The only problem with that is I’m going to Vegas end of May – can’t do both in a short amount of time.
BUT in august i’m heading out to or to the Reading/Leeds festivle.
I will be in europe in august, come hellor fucking high water.
Men. need an instruction booklet. YES, Aaron i know you are not like them at all 😀