sWEeT dreams

Today and tonight ended up being pretty darn internesting. I stayed up till 7am working on my portfolio and ended up blowing off my Astronomy quiz (which I’ve been calling my midterm, but isn’t) and I emailed the prof and rescheduled it for when we are back in school next week after fall break. WokeContinue reading “sWEeT dreams”

On men, me and goals

It talks about sex. and other stuff. Don’t read if you really don’t want to know. This is NOT about male-bashing. Sorry to disappoint 😉 It’s going on nearly 3 months since I’ve had sex (it actually maybe longer..), but, It feels like forever. And with all the hoopla with me and Paul, it gotContinue reading “On men, me and goals”

Yes, there is a reason why guests smell after three days

I’m so bloody tired, the mere thought of doing homework makes me want to puke. But with a paper (well, an essay) due tomorrow, a test tomorrow, two big papers due next week and my poli sci midterm also next week, i have to get cracking. I’m not sure how I’m doing it, but I’veContinue reading “Yes, there is a reason why guests smell after three days”