issues, matters and concerns

Bryan is/was having issues with his server -again-. So for most part of the weekend, it has been down (meaning low hits for me, boohoo). Anyway, since Shelly is still in town, please peruse the back issues: November October September August July Writings An Ode to My Brother I love my brother. And since he has complained that there wasn’tContinue reading “issues, matters and concerns”

and now for something you’ll really enjoy

procrastination is thine own enemy. or something. However, since my well laid plans didn’t get executed, here are links to the archives of the lisa chronicles: November October September August July Writings as many of you have already guessed, i didn’t get the new chronicles updated and designed on time as i had liked. work andContinue reading “and now for something you’ll really enjoy”

i am the hunter

Took a somewhat less brief look today, then remembered why I wasn’t reading it. Nothing personal, I just don’t like writing that’s intensely inwardly focused. Too easy to get caught up in.- Bryan Fullerton about da’ chronicles I’ve got insomnia and I’ve got a lot to cover today, so please bear with me. First, IContinue reading “i am the hunter”

under construction

i apologize if you have been attempting to access this page within the last few days and unable to do so. bryan, the head cheese who owns this server, has been upgrading the kernel and what not. i completely forgot he was doing so and emailed him a letter bitching. aww well. things should beContinue reading “under construction”

i don’t need yours because i have one of my own

I don’t know if this was covered yet (you think you can swallow it), but sometime ago, my friend Jessica wrote me this email in regards to my website. She liked the idea of doing an on-line journal, but had some trepidations about doing it. Namely, do I censor myself and how do those closest to meContinue reading “i don’t need yours because i have one of my own”

that’s great it starts

smoke is going up my nose. ick. da’ chronicles is evolving. i get a new idea every other week or so, so it’s original content is certainly blooming. personally, i don’t think it would have shaped into what it is now if i had sat down with a story board and done it all inContinue reading “that’s great it starts”